Mini Sprinkler Accessories

Ball Valve

As the role of ball valve is crucial in complete start or stop of the flow of the water supply manually, we have specially designed ball valve. Which has passed through numerous quality control tests and gives the best service for years without rusting and jamming of the ball.


It is a T Shaped tatting that allow sewage to flow into the horizontal out let pipe by entering through the lower end of a vertical tape.

End Cap

To create a closed and effective drip irrigation system we have premium quality, durable end caps. Our tough as well as semi flexible end caps allow easy drainage from system, whenever necessary.


Male threaded Adapter- It is used for connecting pipelines with Ball valve.
Size: 32 mm


It is used as a flitting between sprinkler & pipe.
Size: 32 mm


Joiner is used for joining up 2 pipe having same outer diameter. It is used in order to distributes water in multiple direction.
Size:32 mm


Our quality tasted elbows are best for regulating the smooth water supply on the field corners without bending the pipe, which can cause the kinking and thereby the reduction of flow.

Tube with Assembly

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Riser Stick

Size: 1.2 m & 1.5 m

Mulching film

Mulching films well used to modify soil temperature limit weed growth, present moisture loss, & improve crop yield as well as precocity.
Size: 1.2 m & 1.5 m