PVC Pipe Products

PVC Pipe

To meet the different agricultural needs as well as conveying water and waste in any type of plumbing, Spark Irrigation offers a wide range of PVC Pipes. Spark irrigation provides the customer reliable, durable and cost effective PVC pipes which are specially designed in different sizes for various applications like - tapping of water, Tape Drip and Sprinkler Systems etc.


  • Being lightweight, PVC pipes are very easy for handling, transportation, installation and less injurious.
  • Made up of non-toxic and safe material.
  • Available in longer lengths, so minimum number of joints are required while assembling the system.
  • Tough, flexible and resistant to chemical attacks.
  • Flame resistant
  • Rust free
  • Extremely comfortable with hot as well as cold water
  • Smooth internal wall surface offers less fluid friction