Sprinkler Products

Sprinkler Nozzle

Excellent growth of crops is possible with the uniform water supply by the sprinklers. As the Nozzle of the sprinkler is the key part responsible for the rain like water supply, we have designed it with great precision. They work with excellent efficiency, year after year in any kind of climatic and water conditions.

1/2'' Plastic Mini Impact Sprinkler Spar ISI Mark

This mini sprinkler provides full as well as partial circle coverage of water sprinkling as it has various types of pattern adjustments. It is specially manufactured with advanced technology, to spread even a small droplet of water effectively and uniformly.

Portable HDPE Sprinkler

These Portable HDPE Sprinklers are lightweight and strong sprinkles, which are highly efficient in spreading the water uniformly, throughout the field. As they have made up with High - Density Polyethylene, they have great sustainability, in any type of water as well as weather conditions.